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Awwww, so intimate, sweet couple!    A Very Non Wedding: Whit & Colby  By RocknRollBride:



Hands Family Photo Idea, Fun and Creative Family Photo Ideas,,:

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BB DAKOTA #sequins #shimmer #b&w

mystic-revelations:  follow me to a place we can be, by Wolfgang Schrittwieser:


Need to be flexible. What kind of life am i living, struggling to bend down ! Also read Osho whilst doing this maybe i will be enlightened ! Smh:



'mum, i really wish you were here to meet her. name's hannah. she's crazy, even for an american.  i think i love her.':

Have you ever woken up early on an autumn morning? Creeping downstairs as quiet as humanly possibly in order to keep the peace? After you brew a pot of coffee, you sit on a window seat and gaze through the glass, admiring the foggy stillness. The red and yellow leaves blanket the ground, while others hang precariously off of a young maple. Taking small sips from the bitterness in your cup, you realize; this is autumn- the rawest season of all.:

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